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  1. Would anyone happen to know what the gauge size is on the 4 wires coming from the furnace? I have to remove mine to replace a blower motor but the bundle was tie strapped to the back of the cabinet and I have to cut them to get the cabinet out. I will be repairing the connections by mounting the 'house' side of the wiring to the side/front of the cabinet and then connecting to the 'furnace' side with Quick Disconnect connectors. I would like to pick them up before I cut them but need the size. Any takers?
  2. Per 'dons2346' suggestion I have attached a picture of the WFCO WF-8955AN converter.
  3. I removed shore power and shut off 12Volt as well. Removed existing fuse and then plugged in only one side of the fuse to the problem side of the contacts. Found that there was barely any contact at all. However, also found that the particular contact is also loose on the board. Using needle nose I closed the grip points on the connector enough to get a tight fit while still being able to remove. I reconnected to shore power and noticed an immediate change. That is that I had power to the 12Volt devices and lights WITHOUT moving the battery switch to the on position. When this issue was occurring and I shut off 12 volt with shore power still connected, I lost power to all 12 volt systems. So at this point it looks like that was the primary issue. However, I am now looking for a replacement board while determining whether I will settle with re-soldering the subject contact versus replace. Problem is that if I take it out, and there are further problems that cannot be remedied I will be out of luck. Thank you for the input. It is greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you dons2346 and will follow your suggestion once I get a utility light powered outside of the coach. I will provide a reply as soon as determination is made.
  5. I have a 2006 Sunseeker (2860) by Forest River that has been flawless on electrical...until recently. As a preface I replaced the deep cycle house batteries (x2) 6+ months ago. Suddenly, during the CHRISTmas holiday, I began having 12 volt power issues. I checked the battery levels and found that they were almost drained. I started the engine on the coach which began charging the house batteries, indicating the issue was with the converter which is an WFCO WF-8955AN model. Note that I am connected to shore power. After checking connections I checked the fuses and found a problem with 'one' (of the two) 40A polarity fuses. Now, the fuse was not blown. However, it showed signs of getting extremely hot on one side (the hot line side), melting the fuse casing on that leg. I removed it and replaced the fuse, the cooling fan immediately came on, I was getting full 12Volt power and the batteries were again charging. 24 hours later I began having the same problem. I went to pull the same 40A fuse to check its condition and a slight pull on the fuse brought all back online and the cooling fan immediately came on for a short period of time. Electrical is a puzzle to me because of lack of experience (so far :(). Can anyone experienced in this area advise me on how to proceed in finding the issue? Have an idea on what the issue might be?
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