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  1. I have replaced my toad battery and chassis Rv battery with new AGM batteries and still have the same issues. The issue is battery drain. 2009 Winn Adv 38N. On the chassis side after only 4-5 days my chassis battery will be totally dead, Even with its plugged into shore power. I don’t have a Tric L Charger installed however after that short of time I Don’t think the chassis should be dead so soon. Now the Toad issue. 2016 Chevy Equinox. Flat tow. Pull the fuse for antilock brakes. Put in neutral and turn key to acc. Everything is shut off. After 4-5 hours of towing the battery is almost dead so we run it 15 minutes to recharge however 2 hours later when we get to the campground the battery is totally dead. Sometimes even our small jump pack won’t start it and we have to use our large one. Even added a RVi brand charger to the mix a couple weeks ago. Worked ok for 2 days then it stopped doing the job only to have a dead battery. Had found a blown fuse on the RVi wiring harness when we stopped at the last campground. Not sure what is going on however it has been extremely frustrating. Thnx for the help.
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