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  1. We have a 2006 HR vacationer that we inherited. The sinks need some refreshing as they look pretty stained. They feel like a plastic material. Anyone had any good luck painting them or resurfacing them? Thanks! Wendy
  2. I am known for over analyzing data. I find that there is not an up to date, such as March/April 2020 info on the RSA programs, as many have changed features and costs this year, or so it seems. Thank you to everyone that has responded so far. I have found that FMCA and Escapees both provide SafeRide as the service administrator for the program. The difference are just a few along with the difference in price: FMCA $159/yr and Escapees $99/year. Any opinions on FMCA and Escapees policy with SafeRide as the administrator?
  3. Thanks for the info! We have a 2006 HR Diesel Pusher
  4. I've been reading many of the posts on ERS. I'm looking for recommendations on the better provider of the service nowdays. We travel allot. Thanks
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