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  1. I experienced the same problem with my 7.5 QD. Crank, run for about 5 minutes and then shut down. I have the 02 Monaco with the front door which I had to remove and used a floor jack to ease the Ginny out. I had to remove the top and side panels to get to the sensor, so I replaced the fan belt, water pump and sensor at the same time hoping for a maintenance preventive. it's not a bad job, but takes a little time. Good luck with yours. David
  2. Rich, sorry I have not had a chance to digest the valuable info you have worked so hard to develop. But, due to the storms in South Georgia last 2 days(Vidalia, GA), our Family Farm is experiencing some flood prong problems with our farm ponds and I am preoccupied with that at the moment as well as this. If there is not a problem in one area it's another. In any event, while I was out trying to get the readings(voltage and resistance) you asked for yesterday, while looking at the ignition switch etc, I remembered a problem with the dash radio going out some time back. All of this may be related. I think I will need to remove a "Kick Panel" and see how the under dash wiring Looms get to the outside compartment where the control board(front fuse box) is located. Maybe I can try and find some of the grounding points you mentioned above. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to complete this today.
  3. With respect to your question about the back of the Board. Not sure any pictures were taken two years ago. Otherwise, all of the wiring would have to be removed to get the Board out again. Tried to post a picture of installed Board yesterday, but for some reason I am not the best in the world at attaching photo's. Let me see if I can find an old picture.
  4. Rich, The resistance for the red wire to ground showed about 2 ohms. Resistance between the two coil terminals is 4 ohms. The voltage on the purple wire at the switch showed 13.6 volts. By the way, in your email explanation you mentioned the ignition socket had what appeared to be a fused wire. Not sure if you saw my initial explanation about the Board pictured, but that peach colored wire was a jumper wire I used to get the MH back home the first time it died 2 years ago. Again, that Board photo shown above was taken two years ago when I removed if for repairing the burnt relays/sockets. I am trying to attach another picture taken today of what the Boards looks like installed in the MH.Thanks for your help and suggestions.
  5. The resistance for the small red wire to ground is 2 ohms, and the resistance between the 2 coil terminals is 4 ohms. The voltage at the switch where the purple connects is 13.6. I noticed that on your PM explanation you made mention of the Peach colored wire(with inline fuse) sticking out of the ignition socket. Not sure if I pointed out that that wire was only left there since I used it to jump that socket when the Coach died two years ago and I needed to get the Coach back home to work on it. I had the Board out to install the new Sockets and Relays.
  6. Rich, can't get to your PM. The email that you used wont' come in on the desktop that I am using. Use "fountaincharles2@gmail.com" and re-transmit the PM please. I tried to delete the other fountaindavid...email from FMCA forum, but can't find it in my Profile. Meanwhile, I'm will get DW to go out to the garage and assist me in talking the measurements that you asked about. Thanks.
  7. That is a good point. There could possibly be a situation at that point. That panel has to get a ground from some place. Glad you thought of that little noticed switch. Thanks.
  8. Rich, I have a copy of the Coach Manual that came with the Coach. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier, but I initially thought the Manual you were talking about was a Service Manual. I don't have Word, but can get it. With respect to the earlier question I had with respect to the Starter Solenoid, as I recall from a previous starting problem, when the starter solenoid wouldn't engage due to a loose wire, the dash panel did show lights as well as the tranny panel. That was several years ago. So, I may have answered my own question relative to the actual starter solenoid. My particular Coach may not be wired so as to kill all of the power if that solenoid were to cause a problem. Just trying to eliminate the Solenoid as a culprit.
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