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  1. Hello I actually own two coaches a 2020 Winnebago Horizon and my original CC mentioned above. I love driving the Winnebago with the Freightliner and 450 cummins with steerable tag. But I so much more like living in the Country Coach. Spent some time with an inspector on my coach for sale the Country Coach, he loves Country Coach worked at the factory and was reviewing all the benefits. So I am thinking maybe I should sell the Winnebago, but know I like driving the newer coach more . Asking the inspector about Newmar he was not impressed compared to CC, kind of compared the Newmar to 5th wheel construction. Hard decision.
  2. Curious to hear from others who may have sold their Country Coach 2003 and bought a newer Newmar Coach Your impressions ?
  3. We are replacing tires and want to use the Eez tmps system on our 42 foot class A had since 2003. Was thinking maybe installing long stems ( inside duals ) on our aluminum wheels like 8 in long or so. Or using short valves and an either flex extension or solid straight extension. Years ago have had extensions leak so just curious as to others experiences.? Like some feedback from others Thanks Gerald Brawley
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