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  1. I need new tires for my 2011 Winnebago Sightseer, so setup a purchase through FMCA's tire program and the Michelin Advantage Program. There are 4 tires dealers in my area who are in the program. I've contacted all of them; none of them can order tires with recent date codes. They tell me they get what they get. The best I found is 1 dealer with tires in stock that are 10 months old. Another ordered the tires, but when they came in, they were over a year old. Everything I read tells me I want to change out the motor home tires every 5 years (based on the date codes). So my questions: 1. Is the "change every 5 by date code" valid, and, if so 2. How do I find tires with a relatively recent date code? Thanks!
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