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  1. My parents are not going to be staying in this coach. They will rent it out in the same park they have their park model. I am looking for experience from you and others on who makes the best coach and drive trains and not make a mistake looking at price all the time. This unit will get used like a home for 4 months out of the year and recreational travel a couple times a year the rest of the time. I know it will need to have a slide in living room and bedroom for sure so older people can navigate and live comfortably. It will be driven around 3000-4000 miles a year.
  2. My parents spend the winter in Florida from after Christmas to first of April. They don't like to drive anymore and my dad has a compromised immune system and COPD. This year they flew down the end of December and instead of flying back with this Covid-19 fiasco. I rented a Class C motor home and drove down and picked them up for the return. We brought back another couple from our hometown that were in the same situation. My dad and I were talking that it would be nice to do this every year. Our thoughts are to drive them down to their retirement community, which by the way has 200 temporary spots to hook up RV's and park the RV there and rent it out for the three or four months they are at the park and I fly back to Ohio. The question is what would be my best option for an RV that someone would want to live in for four months? I have already concluded that a class A would be the most comfortable with 2 or 3 slides. What make, drive train, etc. are recommended by everyone? I will most likely buy a used unit first and see how it goes for a few years. I will use the unit during the summer and fall for vacations myself. It sounds like a win/win for my parents and me. Thanks in advance, Eric
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