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  1. 2020 Entegra Reatta XL - On the road now for four months. Several weeks ago 12V obviously a problem one night. Vegatouch shows house battery in the red and charger says No Charge, Inverter on Passthru (as expected). No breakers flipped upstairs. Turning off/on the red Battery Disconnect Switch quickly gets the house battery charging. We have had to do this several times a week - a lot of the time the charge is on float keeping them in the green. Then all of a sudden it is obvious batteries are down. This can happen at night with no LED's and just aquahot heat on or a/c on, so not dependent of amount of 12V draw. Happens at more than one site, always on 50Amp, sometimes with, sometimes without Progressive Surge Protector. Vegatouch software is up to date. Hope you can read pics below. Pic 1 obvious to us there is not enough 12V present in the coach; Pic 2 Shortly after Battery Disonnect Switch turned off/on; Pic 3 a minute or two later (times in upper RHand corner); Pic 4 Inverter/Charger settings.
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