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  1. It is a 2021 Holiday Rambler Admiral 28A. Below is the sticker that came off the bottom of the Step Assembly. That's all I could find. I'm guessing I'll need both the Logic Control and the Switchkit. Hoping to gather intel to avoid ordering the wrong thing.
  2. We have a Lippert Kwikee 26 Series Electric Step Assembly (single step) on our Class A Motor Home that was damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced. The Model Number on the unit is 371136, however there are multiple options available and I'm not clear about what I need and have been unable to sort it out from the Lippert/Kwikee website. I am unsure about what the features are, e.g., Logic Control Unit, Standard Drive Operation, Power Switchkit. I want to order the correct Step Assembly and have it installed locally. The options include: 371136 "26 Series Electric Step Assembly with Logic Control(?) and No Switchkit(?)" 3711363 "26 Series Electric Step Assembly with Logic Control Unit(?) and Power Switchkit(?) 3711361 "26 Series Electric Step Assembly, Standard Drive Operation(?), Power Switchkit(?) I would appreciate any insight or help to understand what these features are and which might be the best option to replace our Step unit.
  3. I often will stay for months at a time at a particular RV Campsite and if I leave for days at a time I'm wondering if I should CLOSE my Slideout when I'm gone in case of bad weather. I DO retract the Awning when I'm gone and also turn OFF the water heater and water. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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