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  1. We use Good Sams as our main source of information to pick a campsite for our Class A Allegro. In early June we went to a location in Custer SD called Bever Lake. It had very high ratins so we reserved multiple days. On arrival we were surprised to find it a hilly park with tree obstructions and many units using boards and rocks to level their units. We could not get a refund form management and let the coach stay grounded on our site because it was beyond level limits. The park was not mowed and had tree limbs all over our site. The hookup was on a slope and difficult to deal with when wet. The park was the most overrated we have ever expierenced and a one time deal for us. We left early! No refund. How can we cross reference the Good Sams ratings to verify they are accurate? Thanks for your suggestions. Ray
  2. We returned to Florida from a trip to Wyoming and are in the process of replacing two windows and repainting the entire towed vehicle (HHR). Our towed vehicle will be getting a new grill, mirrors, sun roof, wheel covers and more, all thanks to an "escorted" construction zone in western Wyoming. The construction area had just been spread with very small stones and we had no warning or idea what to expect. The coach is an Allegro Bus. It had the windshield broken by a passing vehicle in the same construction area. The question I would like to know is: What would be the best protection as a guard from flying rocks? Your suggestions based on experience would be appreciated. Thanks. Ray
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