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  1. I bought it like this and the fellow I bought from said he just took a buffer wheel to it. Not sure what if any product he used! sorry for the lack of info.
  2. This is helpful, thanks. I think replacing all the water lines will be the first thing I tackle.
  3. I have a pretty steady oil leak and it seems like it’s coming from several spots. Im having a tough time isolating where the leaks are originating.
  4. Hopefully posted in the proper section. Started refurbishing a 1979 Apollo 3000 db and would love some advice/resources to help me along! Especially from anyone who has been through the gauntlet of refurbishing an old beast. Structurally she’s got great bones but comes with your expected leaks in the plumbing and engine. It’s got a 440 in it that is running alright but needs some TLC. Ideally I’d like to take it out and rebuild it but getting it out is going to take some courage. There’s water leaking just about everywhere when I hook it up but it looks like the major leaks are at the fittings and under the tub. From what I can tell I’ll have to take the tub out to reach it? Sorry if this is too broad of a post, I’m new to the forum.
  5. Looks like I’ve got the standard where the water pump is level with the timing cover. I’d love to take this thing out and rebuild it but I’m intimidated by how much it would take to get it out of there.
  6. It’s in great condition all things considered! I definitely will! Where is the proper section?
  7. This is the stuff I’m looking for! Thanks for the resource!
  8. Thank you for the suggestions and help! It’s got a 440 which seems a little under powdered given how heavy it is, but overall the engine is in good shape. I was initiated into the project with a spewing gas tank as soon as I pulled into my driveway. Apparently the patch kit on the tank decided to abandon ship as soon as I got home. ended up transferring 50 gallons of gas from the main tank to the auxiliary tank. It was pretty exciting. As of right now I’m trying to isolate all the leaks in the plumbing just like @hermanmullins said. It looks like I’ve got a leak under the tub which it looks like I can’t reach unless I take the tub out? Any suggestions? Thank you all!
  9. Got ahold of a vintage 1979 Apollo 3000 db that I’ve started to refurbish and I have yet to find any forums or information on these bad boys other than on the brand itself. If you know of any good resources I’d love to hear from you!
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