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  1. I am now looking at a product made by Willtes Foam. It can be purchased on-line from either www.pinta-accoustic.com or http://www.stopthesound.com.
  2. Just wanted to add that Megasorber is working on a distributor in the States selling their products.
  3. I received my information from Megasorber in Melbourne, Australia and was shocked at their prices. It would be $1,989 plus international freight, customs and import fees. Soooooooo, on to the next company.
  4. I called Megasorber in Melbourne, Australia today and they are e-mailing me information on their Megasorber FM50, which is what they recommend for generator enclosures, plus a shipping quote. They do not sell their products in the US so I'll have to order it from them if that is the route I go. Thanks for everyones input. I'll let you all know what I end up doing. Sue
  5. Thanks for this info. I was on the Megasorber web site several weeks ago and wrote to them using their form but no one ever wrote back. I wanted to know if this was sold in the US or if I had to buy it from them. It looks like a wonderful product. I just need to know where I can find it. Thanks for your information as well. I'll check it out today. Thanks to all that replied.
  6. We have our PowerTech 17.5 KW generator out of our generator compartment so we can replace the starter. The old insulation was de-laminating so we have all that removed and down to bare walls. I need some recommendations on the correct material to use to re-insulate/soundproof this compartment. I sleep right above the generator so I need something really good. The bay is 33" H X 54" L by 50" D. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I drive a '95 Prevost conversion by Royale.
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