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  1. Mobile mechanic came - $155 total including new valve and several fittings. Easy to replace through bathroom cabinets. Thanks for help. Herb
  2. I have a mobile tech coming out day after tomorrow. There is pretty good access to the back of the HWH from the bathroom cabinets, so I hope he can replace it easily.
  3. I have an Atwood 10 gal HWH which is not delivering hot water from any faucets. If I move the bypass lever, I can get cold water to flow out of the faucets. The HWH is heating the water. The Atwood people at the FMCA rally last week said it was probably a check valve in the input or output of the HWH. They said since it is not part of the heater they wouldn't do a service on it at the rally. Is this check valve hard to replace? how do I find it? Do I have to drain water out of any of the tanks? I have a 2004 28RB Safari Trek. Thanks,Herb
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