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  1. About a year and a half ago I started this post. This is just an update as to how we are doing. We have been on the road for over 2 months and are spending the next 2 weeks in Key West before we start north. Hope to make it to Michigan by the end of April. Having a great time, met new friends, and spent time in so many places that we have to keep a notebook just to remember where we have been. So far we are very happy campers.
  2. My wife and I purchased a 24-toot entry-level C. It is our first MH and may be our last. We are about 60, want to travel, spend time in out of the way places, be able to park in small towns close to fairs and stores. We want to have our restroom always close, so we picked a unit that we think we can live in for extended time and small enough to go almost anywhere. We joined FMCA because of the extras the membership offers. We just went to the Great Lakes Area Rally, had a good time and saw vary few Class C units. We just went for two days and didn't bring our unit. Now looking at this fourm, it seems that most people have Class As or high-end Bs. What is it like for us entry-level users at large rallies or joining a local chapter with most driving Class A coaches?
  3. New here and new to motorhoming. We purchased a 2010 Coachmen 2130QB last year (nine months ago) and will pick it up tomorrow. We picked this Type C because we wanted something large enough to be able to spend months at a time in and small enough to park almost anywhere. When we purchased it we also purchased insurance through the dealer. As the year is almost up, we will need to get insurance again. What kind of insurance should we be looking for and who should we purchase it from? Our cars and stick home are now covered under State Farm.
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