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  1. Hi, Dave. You're lookin' good with that Suby. It's towable 4-down as is. With our 99, we just put it in neutral, turn the key to accessory and off we go. We just replaced our 99 with a new one, another standard transmission. Same deal as the older one - neutral and accessory, tow it as far and as fast as you like. Re the tow bar, you might be in the pink on that too as I just bought a new Sterling and was just thinking about what to do with my 901. I wonder if the baseplate on my 99 will fit your 95? Just might. Anyhow, send me an email and we can discuss it. My mail is oiga at comcast dot net. jor
  2. Anyone installed a Roadmaster baseplate on a 2011 Subaru Forrester? Just wondering if you ran into any issues. We just got this car to replace our 1999 Subaru Legacy toad. I installed the baseplate on that one. Seemed like it took me a couple of hours or so. I intend to buy a new tow bar -- the Roadmaster Sterling All Terrain -- and I guess I'll have to get a new baseplate, too. Checking with Roadmaster now. Thanks. jor
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