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  1. We are current Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 owners and have successfully flat towed this car for 9 years. Looking for a new tow vehicle and have read about the "death wobble" syndrome when towning 2015+ Jeep Grand Cherokees because of the switch from hydraulic power steering to electronic power steering. Really want a new Jeep Grand Cherokee XL but can't take the risk of damaging the vehicle and our Winnebago Tour. Have been doing some research on a 2022 Dodge Durango RT with AWD and a 2 speed transfer case. This vehicle is supposed to have an optional wiring harness to enhance flat towing and provide power to the electronic power steering. Is anyone flat towing this car successfully or do you have any information to convince me this is a good vehicle for flat towing. We live in the Rio Grand Valley of Texas where no one even thinks about getting an AWD vehicle. Can't get a warm fuzzy from any dealers or Dodge Customer Service. HELP HELP HELP. Meme & Ray
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