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  1. Bill D, or any other automotive electrician on the forum, Could use a little HELP here! I installed some Projector Beam headlight housings,and HID bulbs and ballasts, in the place of the H4656 low beam bulbs. It was pretty much "Plug and Play" the kit I bought had the same 3 lug electrical hook up as the stock sealed beam lights. The low beams are fantastic but as soon as I hit High beams, the Highs come on and the LOWS CUT COMPLETELY OFF! that's the PROBLEM I'm having. It appears that the stock 3 lug elec connection includes a ground, a 9V hi beam source and the 3rd is an 11V low beam source. Does anyone know how I can wire these HID bulbs to stay on all the time irregardless of hi/low beam switch position? All and any help appreciated, thanX in advance. HF Hop Collin
  2. Well folks, I fixed it! Went to the Kwikee on line site and found a pretty good troubleshooting test page. Dragged the volt ohm meter underneath the steps and tested the 4 way connector. End result was that the main power wire attached to a small junction block also under the steps had come loose. Once tightened all other test voltages were correct. Plugged it back in and all step functions were restored. Stll does not negate my request for a 1994 Monaco Dynasty 38' DP chassis wiring diagram. Still request an answer for function of the "Intermittent Solenoid" located at the upper left front of the engine elec run bay? Thanx! HF Hop Collin
  3. Montie, We have a 94 Monaco Dynasty 38' DP, my trip from St Aug Fla to my home in Enterprise AL was a "chore" lots of wander, fighting road crowns, following 18 wheeler truck ruts, plus when said 18 wheelers passed us, lots of push, it was no fun and about wore me out. Bought the "TruCenter" 370 lb steering control from AdventureRV.net Best price I found. Bought the mounting brackets and hardware from PPL Motorhomes in TX off of a SafeTplus steering shock set up, again best price I could find. Took me about 4 hours to install entire system including electric switch to center it up. In a word it is "Wonderful" the 370 lb spring really makes that big steering wheel easily return to center after a making a turn. Keeping the coach on a straight line is so easy now. If a different road crown or a side wind has you fighting the steering simply push a button for two seconds and the control re-centers "Eliminating" that side force. Hours later on a different road, different conditions, different wind you can re-center as needed. I would highly recommend the TruCenter system by BluOx, makes the coach a pleasure to drive and adds a large degree of safety in case of a front tire blowout, as well as reducing driver fatigue. Hope this helps! HF Hop Collin
  4. Hi, Folks! Help, please. Two months ago I replaced the Kwikee electric step, controller, motor/gearbox and door magnetic switch. All worked just fine till yesterday when it suddenly went TU! Have power at both sides of the fuse at below driver elec bay. Searching for power in the engine elec run bay, I have identified the solenoid for the 12-volt salesman switch, but the steps are secondarily controlled by an ignition on solenoid or relay in this bay. Does anyone know what the INTERMITTENT SOLENOID (called this on diagram on bottom of engine cover) function is? I see no voltage in or out: ing on, ign off, or with the key on accesory position? Appears dead! What controls it? How about the Bosch Relays on the top row -- one is for IGN. Could this be for step control? Does anyone have a 1994 Monaco Dynasty electrical wiring diagram that can be POSTED! All help appreciated, Have a great day! Thanks. HF Hop Collin
  5. Hi, Folks. Need a little expert help. I'm new to the RV world and could use all the help I can get! Wife and I just bought a 1994 Monaco Dynasty diesel pusher. The tires, Bridgestone R250 295-75-22.5, look great but have a born date of 15th week in 2002. I don't plan any really long trips till I retire in four years. Thought I could get away with buying two New Michelins for the front steering tires and with a TPMS all the way around to catch any potential problems with the drive tires before it becomes catastrophic. (Pick up two spare tires that way too!) Been researching different TPMS systems out there and most seem to me, "not well thought out"! I can sure appreciate the tire valve cap being replaced with the sensor cap with buit-in radio transmitters, but I don't understand the logic of having to remove the sensor to adjust the pressures in the tires. The only one I found that allows pressure adjustments with the sensor in place is the system by Mobile Awareness called Tire Stat. Their sensors have a direct-to-valve-stem mount but allow through the sensor air adjustments, simply remove valve cap and add or remove air, reinstall valve cap. Does anyone have any specific recommendation or know of other TPMS systems that have this through the sensor air-up feature? Thanx, in advance, for all who post replies. HF hop Collin
  6. Hi Folks! Research on TPMS systems makes me think that aftermarket systems were not well thought out. All, but one that I have found, require removal of the wheel sensor in order to air up the tire. Most of the sensors simply screw onto the valve stem just like a valve cap however to help prevent loss they have a secondary lock method such a locking screw. NOW removing them to air up the tire becomes a PAIN! I have found the "Tire Stat" TPMS system has a through the sensor system, that allows airing your tire up through the sensor. Just remove a valve cap and add or remove pressure. Seems like a lot better approach to me. Does anyone have actual experience with this system? Is it worth it? I found a complete kit at "Tweety's" way cheaper than anywhere else. Any help in this area would be appreciated. Thanx. HF Hop Collin
  7. Thanx for the reply Smitty, I appreciate it. Gonna go out and measure my Coach and place the order. Hop Collin
  8. Thanx Brett, Your opnion I value. Hop Collin
  9. Hi, Folks. I could use some help/request for opinions? I did a little "Google" research for aerodynamic aids for class 8 trucks and RVs. I'm looking for methods to reduce aerodynamic drag and thereby reduce required horsepower and fuel usage. I found a site that sells "Air Tab" fuel saver Vortex generators. Appears to be a very worthwhile product, lots of NASA research with wind tunnel tests as well as over-the-road tests. The product is supposed to create small turbulent vortex's at the rear edges of the Coach to prevent that large suction/drag at the back of the RV. Results in better handling, better rear and side visibility in wet weather, cleaner towed vehicles, cleaner RV rear end after a trip. At $2.75 each w/3 required per linear foot up both sides and across the top of a 94 Dynasty, it ain't cheap! I need some input to help with the decision? Does anyone in the Monacoers have them on their coaches? How about a review? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx. HF Hop Collin :
  10. Tom, I see Viet Nam Vet, me too; went over with 101st ABN/ B Batt 4/77 ARA, 2 mo later Cobra's show up and infused into D Trp 1/1 Cav who moved from Camp Eagle to Chu Lia at that same time. Served from mar 69 to may 70. Got out 6 Jan 72. Joined AL Guard 88, Finished up in the 110th AB Aug at Ft Rucker 60th B/Day 5 Jun 08. Retired CW-4 over 28. Glad it is over with but had a great time while I was in. Looking forward to full retirement at 66 in 1014 so the wife and I can part time Snowbird and spend major time in all our great National Parks. Bought this 94 Dyn as it was lived in full time and the interior is fully upgraded and renovated, have 4 years to get it mechanically sound. Gotta go fly, talk to ya later. HF Hop Collin
  11. Hi Folks, We have a 1994 Monaco Dynastry Diesel Pusher w/ a Cummins 8.3TD-300 equipped w/ a Wix 546858 Eco-Sm air filter. I would like to replace this cannister style throw away filter and housing for something MORE Ecologically and Economically FRIENDLY. Does anyone know of a filter housing company or contact info to obtain a filter housing as follows? 13.5" diameter, 15 to 17" long, 7"side inlet pipe, 7" end outlet pipe w/ a removable/replaceable opposing end? Thanx in advance! HF Hop Collin
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