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  1. You should change you oil at least once a year, so if you run less than than 15000 miles you can save a little money using a good brand name diesel oil ( sams club sells Shell Rotella T) and buying your filters online from someone like truckhelp.com Buy enough to get free shipping which by the time you get all you filters ( including generator ) and a spare set of fuel filters to carry with you, you should reach that . As far as mileage you should get somewhere between 8 and 9 mpg towing . It will tow your crv like its not even there.
  2. I have a 1996 Holiday Rambler Imperial that is wire the same way. Only part of the outlets are wired into the inverter. One thing to remember is that a coffee maker takes a lot of voltage out of the batteries, but it will work if you plug into one of the outlets that are hot when you are runing off the inverter. Hope this helps.
  3. Does anybody know if you can flat tow a BMW Z3 with a manual transmission ?
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