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  1. Jim Army Active Duty 7/1967 to 7/1969 Reserve 1970-1972 2LT to Cpt. Air Defense Artillery (Nike-Herc) Active duty, MP Training Bn (Reserve) New England (24th Arty)
  2. We have same coach and had BigFoot Levelers installed. Much less movement, easy to use. BigFoot is the company used by Jayco if you would order a coach with levelers from the factory. Took about 2.5 hours one morning at the factory, about 13 miles inside Michigan just north of Jayco factory. Found company easy to deal with, great response on questions and help. Glad we had them installed. Several options as to levelers and controls for them.
  3. ChuckNewman, You commented about reading the owners manual concerning any vehicle but in conjunction with the Ford Escape. The manual for the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 ALL say that the automatic Ford Escape can be towed flat (four down). Unfortunately myself and others have found this to be a problem due to the fried transmissions issue. For myself, Ford replaced one and I have since had installed a Remco Tranmission Fluid Pump that Ford substantially paid for.
  4. When having a Remco Transmission pump installed they had to drain the tranny fluid. It appeared burnt. I subsequently had it checked at a dealer. Ford changed the fluid being used. Oasis Special Service Message Number 21138 entitled Auto Trans - Mercon LV Fluid Color (date unknown) was provided after they looked at it. It applies to Escape, Fusion, Mariner, Milan. Focus, Crown Vic, Expedition, E series, Explorer, F- Series incl Motorhomes, Grand Marquis, Mountaineer, Navigator and Town Car. "Some 2008-2010 vehicles equipped with automatic transmission factory filled with Mercon LV Fluid (part#XT-10-QLV) may exhibit dark colored trans fluid that may look burnt in appearance. This is a normal characteristic of this fluid..." I find it interesting that they would deliberately change to a fluid that appears burnt, in transmissions that have been known to fry when being towed.
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