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  1. Thank you both for the useful information. It appears that it might be prudent to wait a little bit. My Saturn Vue should be fine for a little while longer.
  2. Does anyone have experience flat towing a Ford C-Max Energi, or the regular hybrid? How does the push button start affect the steering lock while being towed? Is there sufficient ground clearance? Are there other things to consider? Thanks. Tom
  3. Hello, We are considering participating in FMCA's trip to Alaska in the summer of 2013, leaving from Idaho. I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can answer, that has participated in such events in the past. 1. What is a typical RV that goes on this trip? That is, large motorhomes, or 5th wheel's. Do most of the motorhomes have toads? (I assume there is a wide variation, but I am looking for what is typical, and what works) 2. Are these trips worthwhile / fun? Would you do them again (have you)? 3. What are common mistakes people make on such trips? Thanks for your input. Tom
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