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  1. I did ask CW about it, they replied by bringing the sub over to handle the bitching woman
  2. I use CW for repairs on my Class A RV. Other than details with warranty work--denied by Winnebago -- I have been pleased by the work that has been done. Recently I had to have the generator repaired. The carburetor varnished up and was replaced. While I had the RV there I wanted CW's service washing and waxing the unit. It was unknown to me CW sub lets the work of washing and waxing. This is where the problem arises, I am unhappy with the work that was done and above all else the attitude of the men who washed the unit. It was just a wash no waxing, the finish is too oxidized. When questioned, they got pushy with me, I pushed back. They re-washed the RV, I'm still not happy.
  3. How difficult is it to rearrange the interior of class A MH. I want twin beds on sides of bedroom area in place of queen in the center. Has anyone attempted such a problem?
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