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  1. Do you know how it compares with the Sewer Solution and FloJet systems?
  2. I am at a place for an extended time where I need to pump up hill for an longer distance to dump.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with the Sani-Con system or another you think is better? Thanks, David Standridge
  4. Any suggestions on the best places to stay at these places in Oregon?
  5. Does anybody have a suggestion on the best park for a big rig while at Crater Lake Oregon?
  6. What satellite antenna do you have on top? Mine is KVH Tracvision and they along with Direct tell me I cannot use the direct receiver that allows you to record.
  7. I currently have a 43 foot motorhome with KVH in-motion satellite and Direct TV. We are wanting to record and you cannot do this with a Direct receiver and KVH satellite. What is the best satellite you have experienced so you can get the proper direct receiver to record?
  8. Any experience with Jordanelle State Park out of Park City or Rivers Edge in Deer Park? The state park is recommending Lower and Upper Fisher in Hailstone for our 43 foot motorhome. Any input on this area around Park City for August travel would be appreciated. David
  9. Thanks, Brett. I will pass that on to him. David
  10. I have a friend who is trying to find out about towing a 2004 Acura MDX with automatic transmission or BMW Z3 with manual 5 speed. Anyone have any experience?
  11. We are taking a trip up Utah from Bryce Canyon up to Grand Teton. In Northern Utah we were wanting to see the place where the two rr's came together to connect the intercontinental railway. We have tentatively scheduled to stay at Crystal Springs in Honeyville. Does anyone have any recommendations or opinions they can share on any place around Brigham City? Thanks, David
  12. Can anyone out there educate me on the exact type of license an individual should have when driving a Class A motorhome in general? In particular a 43 or 45 foot with tag wheels? Thanks, David
  13. Ken, thanks so much for your input. We have two motorhomes making the trip so will get together and discuss this with the other couple. Thanks again, David
  14. We will be traveling in our 43 foot class a with tow from Grand Canyon City to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in mid- August. If you have information that could help on what to see and places to stay along with routes in Utah I would appreciate any input you may have. Thanks, David
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