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  1. Tom, I have a hole in the pan of the radiator, it is plastic or fiberglass and can't be repaired. At least that is my understanding. I contacted Modine, which makes the radiator for Monaco and they said I can't just buy a radiator. I must buy the entire unit, which includes the oil cooler,and condensor. $3000.00 for the group. It is a rip off. I tried to buy just the pan, have the good core re-soldered and be on my way. They will not sell just the pan. So for a hole in the pan, I pay $3000.00 for a 600.00 radiator. I think I can have one made for less. My hope was that someone would know where I could find a used radiator. Thanks for replying.
  2. I need a radiator for a 2007 Monaco Camelot. I went to Monaco and Modine (the maker of the Monaco radiator). They want $3,000 for the entire unit. They will not sell just the radiator. Anyone know of a better way?
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