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  1. Greetings, I have been requested to move my motorhome from a storage area in Carson City, NV a short distance, about 20 miles, I think, because they are wanting to do construction in the area I'm stored in now. Is there someone in our association that would be able to accomplish this for us as we are in the process of selling and moving our home back east. We are unable to get out to NV to accomplish this in a timely manner because of the requirements of our showing, closing, mortgage arrangement etc, responsibilities. Any assistance/advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Greetings, I have a 1989 Dodge Raider, 4 wheel drive, V6, automatic and want to be able to flat tow it behind my Fleetwood Discovery. I can get base plates for it, the weight is not a problem but I'm concerned about the automatic 4 wheel drive aspect of it. I understand there is a position, referred by one writer as a "false neutral, that the Raider can be placed and that would allow it to be flat towed. Can anyone out there confirm this or suggest another way I could tow it? Thank You! **** Masse
  3. Hi Bob, Im not only new to the amateur radio thing but also new to motorhoming. I do not plan on operating the radio while underway but would want to have it availability while parked. As for the wi fi thing we are planning on being in the hinterlands of Canada and Alaska and dont expect to have much of that abailable to us. Hence the idea of using a modem to get the email stuff while we are out for months at a time. On the issue of the antenna......I guess its important to get it above the motorhome as best as one can. I guess some spring loaded thing that would rise up and down as needed would work. Can you discuss the ground issue with me? Some folks Ive talked to said its difficult to get a good ground on the motorhome and I thought the motor and chassis would be sufficient! Would a 9' whip work for tha antenna or would you suggest something else. We can do this offline if you want to entertain these questions if that would be more useful. Thank you for you advice you have already provided and I will do that when I get the radio set up again! **** 73 KB3LUG
  4. Greetings, We are new to motorhoming and new members of FMCA. I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator and would like to use my ICON 706 on our Class A rig. I would like to know how fellow hams are setting up their systems on their RV's as I have no idea! I am also interested in downloading emails using the radio. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...Thank You in advance! **** and Carol F412523 KB3LUG
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