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  1. Nick, I hope you are still with GM and working in this area. My concern is specifically with the new 2014 Silverado. I traded in a 2010 which was about as perfect a tow vehicle as I've found (short of a manual transmission). My concern is that at the same time GM requires the battery negative terminal to be disconnected, the shove it clear up against the firewall, along the passengers sidewall and under the air conditioning inlet vent box. I tried to put a traditional knob type disconnect on and it would not clear the back and if you put it to the side, the hood pivot adn spring assemble short it out. Poor battery layout to require frequent disconnecting of the negative terminal.
  2. As a motor home owner and avid reader of Family Motor Coaching Magazine, it never ceases to amaze me how many of us have difficulties with various manufacturers and suppliers. For that reason I think it is critically important to recognize a company when they show exemplary service. My wife and I purchased a new 2010 Ford Escape last September since it can be towed four wheels down with an automatic transmission. As a registered professional engineer I have long been sold on Blue Ox towing equipment. After the purchase, I found out that the car was so new that Blue Ox had not had the opportunity to pattern a base plate for this car. We contacted Blue Ox were offered the opportunity to come to the factory and be the first 2010 Escape to be fit with a base plate. The front office staff, in particular Mandy Johnson, made it very simple to get all the arrangements made. When we arrived at the factory, we were met by Mandy and Mike Johnson and everything went smooth as silk. I was also given the opportunity for a full factory tour while the Blue Ox technicians were doing the work. Working in the engineering and construction field, I've had a chance to see many manufacturing facilities and I was genuinely impressed with their facility. The shop was clean and I didn't visit a single workstation where the people weren't friendly and genuinely cared about what they were doing. While I had owned an Aladin tow bar for a long time due to its lower weight, I have really enjoyed the new Aventa bar, The ball and socket joint makes it very easy to align with the tow bar for quick hook ups. This is a company who cares about making quality products and customer support. The motor home community needs to support these types of suppliers. Michael Perry F399365
  3. I just had this happen to my 2010 Escape with automating. Griffin Ford (dealer in Waukesha Wisconsin) was very helpful. Ford fixed it under warranty with no question. It isn't really a question of air flow as much as transmission fluid level and following the Ford instructions. After they fixed it and filled it to the proper level I towed it back to Kansas with no problem. The transmission fluid level needs to be set per Ford Service TSB 09-20-13. Ask your Ford dealer to do this. most dealers and aftermarket places fill the transmission too full for towing and then the heat of towing expands the fluid too much and and it cooks. Just be sure to follow all instructions for warm-up and going through the gears before you tow, and run the transmission after a maximum of 6 hours on the road. I love the car and it works fine if you follow the Ford recommendations. JUST BE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT FLUID LEVEL.
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