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  1. Ray, my emotions left me a long time ago in my career but my integrity and compassion never left. I didn't mention $450 or any sum. You did. I do think that some effort by the company would have been right and commendable to keep a customer. My opinion was reached without emotions and even reached it by myself.
  2. Poohbear, looks like they all ganged up on you. I got on here today for one reason, to review the towing services available. several years ago i needed a tow in a situation similar to yours. Couldnt get through. I wasnt going to leave my MH on the side of the freeway with pretty much everything I owned in side. Wasnt going to leave my wife alone. Finally a state policeman stopped, gave me some info and considering the options had him make a call for a tow. Aint no fun sitting on the side of the road with traffic blowing by with no help. I agree with you, ERS should have paid part of the bill. Not the whole thing because you wanted to go to your residence but at least part of it. I think that would have been the right and fair thing to do. I think my question has been answered but will continue to look into the services. And, I'm not such a hard *** that I wouldn't have sympathy for you or anyone else in that situation. You know, I've never participated in these forums other than to read the helpful info. But something got my "goat" about the answers you received.
  3. mcbus

    Hankook Tires?

    I've used Hankooks on two motorhomes. A friend asked about my tires and I told him my experience and price. He bought 6 for his RV. He now feels the same as I do. Cant beat them and cant tell the difference between them and the overpriced Michelins I had on the first Motorhome. They are supposed to have stronger sidewalls but I dont know. I just know they ride great, can't tell the difference and have never had any trouble. Will be looking for a dealer in Denver for my next set.
  4. Sounds like just a week ? I've stayed at the Casinos, two along the interstate. They have some free camping and I believe one of them may have a RV park also. Been awhile so not sure. There is also the Elks Lodge in Indio. That time of year you might have electric only and they do have a dump station.
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