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  1. Thanks for the reply. Bought Jeep Grand Cherokee yesterday to tow behind 2006 Holiday Rambler with Cummins 330hp. Compared to our 2000 Wrangler it is a joy to drive. Must now figure out wiring. Larry
  2. I have been towing 2000 Wrangler but it is worn out. Thinking of changing toad to 2012 Grand Cherokee. Concerned about weight and ease of set up to tow. Also, looking at 2012 Liberty. Any thoughts or concerns will be appreciated.
  3. On a 2005 Holiday Rambler 38' w/ four slides, does anyone know where the shut-off valve for the ice maker is located? I have been thru the Owner's Manual and tried to locate the valve on the coach. I know I am looking right at it and missing it. please help. Thanks. Larry B
  4. This concerns an unaccounted alarm in dash going off in a 2005 Holiday Rambler with a 330-horsepower Cummins engine and Allison tranny. On a hot day while climbing a long, steep incline, an alarm started to sound. First it was soft but grew louder and more insistent. All gauges read normal. By the time we reached top of the rise it was quite loud. As we crested and started down in, the sound gradually got softer and then quit. No lights or error codes. Any thoughts? Larry B
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