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  1. Curely9946, I really could not understand your post. I am sorry, I don't know how Winnebago sets up the system. In most cases the charger/inverter will charge the house batteries while on AC power. The engine alternator will charge both battery banks while driving. There will be some sort of an isolation system, and if working, will keep each bank isolated from each other except in the case of an Echo Charging device. The Echo Charger will allow the house batteries to charge the chassis if all parameters are met. My Beaver has a BIRD module and Big Boy switch that performs this function. Dennis
  2. Bill and Herman, I understand about the warranty question. This stuff started to go bad about 3 years ago. It cracks from behind and I had some black mildew, etc growing back there. It really depends on the coach manufacturer as far as the paint coming off. The paint shoud dry in warm temps to cure before the 3M is installed. This will minimize the removal of paint. Herman, if you are going to take this off yourself a hair dryer will not work. Buy yourself a heat gun. I know they used steam to get mine off, but I still lost some paint. It looks good now. Dennis
  3. I just had the original 3M mask replaced on my 2005 Beaver coach. As many of you may know, this era of coaches had a lot of issues with the product. Remember, it is warranted for 5 years. If you need it or require replacement and are in Florida area, I highly recommend "Cool Runnings" in North Port, FL. Mark Miller is very detailed oriented and works very hard to get the best deal for the consumer. He did a superb job with my coach and the front end looks new again. Information for Mark is below: 1075 Innovation Avenue Suite 108 North Port, FL 34289 Mark Miller Cool Runnings Protection 941-380-7899 Dennis
  4. Brett, I am ok as long as I have shore or genset power; or, of course, driving. The way this thing keeps the chassis batteries up is via a BIRD module and a Big Boy switch. But if the chassis batteries get too low, then the BIRD will not let the house batteries charge. I am just going to see what is causing the 2.5 draw. It may be normal. Dennis
  5. Brett, Thanks. I don't think a total disconnect will work. CAT and Allison do not want their computers without power for any length of time. I am going to do what you say. Connect amp meter and start disconnecting wires. Dennis
  6. Folks, The new chassis batteries are being drawn down over a period of a couple of days. As most, I have an electrical distribution panel in the front of the coach. There is a continuous duty solenoid that is activated with the ignition on. But there are a lot of things that are on before the solenoid. I am showing a 2.5 amp drain at this point. Does this seem excessive? How long would a 2.5 amp drain take before batteries are discharged? Thanks for the help, Dennis
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