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  1. Peggy; Thank you for your rapid response. We too have gathered several pounds (approximately 1,000 X the birds weight) of PDF information about the "export and Import of exotic pet birds". As with most government documents the threads are endless and circulatory. We were hoping to get someone to comment on their experience about the subject. Again thank you for your help.
  2. My wife and I are traveling from California to British Columbia, Canada, with our two Conures. We talked to the Canadian authorities and recieved specific information on what they want, BUT our worry is the re-entry into the U.S. Getting the birds back into the U.S. is presently vague. Can anybody give us the requirements for documentation, or direct us to the location of any information pertaining to this issue? All information found so far addresses Import or export and is not specific to what is required for pet birds. The birds are about 2 years old, U.S. born, and always in our possession. The issue is what documentation, if any, is required by the U.S. border personnel?
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