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  1. Mike, Thanks !!! Mine are in back of rear tire on co-polits side ! Thanks !!!
  2. Rich, Thanks found it ! Only now the panel dose not have a F 16 space for brake lite which shows on print out. Pulled the only 2- 15 a fuse looked good to me. It also has 2 brake relays which I do not have a way to check them. Wife is calling good sam. I really appreciate your help. The fuse's I have are to big. No parts! THANKS AGAIN !
  3. what's the location of brake light fuse on a 207 Revolution LE Spartan Chassis diesel?
  4. Excellent story !! Sounds like the two of you are reaqlly enjoying LIFE to the fullest. This week-end we are headed to the beach for some RAYS. No pun intended. We leave in the am ! Later my friends-BE SAFE !! So my lady dose not get upset with me. This note is from JIM, not LInda
  5. Thanks go to the 2 of YA!! Jim
  6. Thank you very much for your response ! Jim
  7. Recently purchased a 07 Revolution with a CAT 400 HP. Is there a easy way to check water level in batteries ? I don't think mine slide out. Is there a conversion kit for slide out ? I've been told if I keep power plugged in I'll cook the batteries. I've seen the floating charge message. Thank you for any help ! Jim husband of dowdyl350@yahoo.com. My email is Bad65Chevy@yahoo.com. Can you tell this is the 1st time I tried this without the BOSS ? HA HA
  8. When do you use the engine block pre-heat switch?
  9. Help! We brought home our "new" 40' 2007 Fleetwood Revolution and plugged it in to our outdoor power source and nothing. We can't find the converter to turn it on. What are we doing wrong?
  10. Good information on the engine. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the "heads up"!!
  11. What warning signs should we look for when shopping for a used Class A? We're going to look at a 2007 Fleetwood Revolution who has had 2 owners. Is that something to be concerned about or just possibly a sign of the economic times?
  12. Everybody has been very helpful. This forum has been a very useful tool. Thanks to all!!
  13. We're a little scared of buying used (never know what you're going to get and it's a big commitment), however, would consider it if one owner, low mileage, good price, and getting an extended warrenty. We're planning a trip to Yellowstone this fall and not sure if the park can accommodate a big rig or better to stay at a campground outside of the park. Also, during the fall would you recommend reservations along the way or do you think we'll be fine because we're travelling mid-September to early October.
  14. We have stayed at the KOA twice. Very convenient for going to shows. They have a shuttle service that picks you up at the campground and delivers you to the door and picks you back up at the end of the show and delivers you back to the campground.
  15. I'm looking for other view points on larger 40' diesel pushers vs the new smaller 33' diesel pushers...advantages vs disadvantages.
  16. Thank you so much for your response! Very encouraging. I had the same anxiety when we bought our home 40 years ago.
  17. At 60 years of age, we're thinking of trading our 2006 32' Southwind Fleetwood motorhome for a diesel pusher. Is it insane to even consider this at our age? How do others handle this? I'm still working but plan on retiring in another 5 years.
  18. We were out at the Fleetwood Rally also...our first rally, and also joined FMCA; from Illinois we went to Branson, MO, before returning to the "real" world. We're looking forward to our next rally.
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