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  1. Recently purchased a 07 Revolution with a CAT 400 HP.

    Is there a easy way to check water level in batteries ? I don't think mine slide out. Is there a conversion kit for slide out ?

    I've been told if I keep power plugged in I'll cook the batteries. I've seen the floating charge message. Thank you for any help !

    Jim husband of dowdyl350@yahoo.com.

    My email is Bad65Chevy@yahoo.com.

    Can you tell this is the 1st time I tried this without the BOSS ? HA HA

  2. We're a little scared of buying used (never know what you're going to get and it's a big commitment), however, would consider it if one owner, low mileage, good price, and getting an extended warrenty. We're planning a trip to Yellowstone this fall and not sure if the park can accommodate a big rig or better to stay at a campground outside of the park. Also, during the fall would you recommend reservations along the way or do you think we'll be fine because we're travelling mid-September to early October.

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