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  1. We drove the Parkway the 8th of July this year in our 35 foot pusher diesel north from Ashville to Little Switzerland. I think you should anticipate traveling 20 to 25 miles in an hour, between turning out to let cars & motorcycles by, and the 35 to maybe 45 mph you can drive, and stopping for construction. It was beautiful, but if you have another vechicle to drive on the Parkway i would recommend doing it that way. Although i have already trimed some of the trees on the road to Craggy Gardens with our unit, i would suggest that you not try that in your unit. I suspect there are other roads like that along the Parkway. Our plan was to drive as much as we felt comfortable doing, and then turn around or take another road. The plan worked fairly well, although we would have liked to have seen more of the Parkway.
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