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  1. How do you clean out inside the canister the topper goes into.
  2. 1. Cliff 2. US Navy 3. 30 years 3 days 4. Radioman Master Chief 5. Communications 6. NAVCOMSTA Guam, NAVCOMMSTA Harold e Holt Australia, Persian Gulf, Senior Enlisted Academy Rhode Island, USS TARAWA LHA1, USS DULUTH LPD6, USNS Narragansett TATF 167, Instructor RMA Scol
  3. Have a 2008 Monaco LaPalma XL. On a recent trip and without warning, all three leveling jacks deployed while traveling 65mph on I10 eastbound just 35 miles west of Tucson. No damage, however after they deployed and leveled motorhome, couldn,t get them to retract. Eventually a mechanic was able to raise enough to get me into Beaudry RV Tucson. They told me they had never seen this happen before. Mechanic did say that they were experiencing with this LCI electronic system to be VERY sensitive to fluctuations in power which he did notice when first turned it in. He did find a shorted wire in battery compt. and after rerouting and repairing that, experienced no fluctuations in power. Anybody ever experienced this. RMCMWAR
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