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    Pocono Mts, Eastern PA
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    Photography, Woodworking, travel in our motor home, exploring off road areas in our 4x4.
  1. The best source I have found for CampGrounds, Walmart locations, COE campgrounds, Escapees, etc camping is here http://www.discoveryowners.com/cginfolinks.htm All of their information is in the form of map overlay files for the following programs: 1. Delorme Draw Files – can only be used by Delorme Street Atlas 2. MS Streets Files – can only be used by MS Streets and Trips (Note 1) 3. CoPilot Files – Text files for import to CoPilot (Note 1) 4. Text Files – for use with GPSBabel to convert to other formats 5. Google Earth – for use with Google Earth This is probably more information than you will ever want on campground locations. I travel with a laptop hooked to a GPS antenna and I use the DeLorme TOPO 7 software. This combination has so many options and displays a full screen map of your route.I can load all the DeLorme overlays and switch them on and off as needed. - A 17" map is a lot easier to read than a 4" one- I had a Garman and found DeLorme to be a much better solution for travel in the RV. Chet
  2. Here's a quck and cheap way to improve you WiFi if you have a weak signal. See: http://freeantennas.com/projects/template/ Chet
  3. Hi All, I'm Chet, my spouse is Laurie and we travel in a '91 Beaver Marquis which we have had for 14 years. The old beast runs so good that we just can't bare to part with it. It's been in 49 states and all the provinces of Canada, but one. We live near the Delaware Water Gap in the Pocono Mts of eastern PA. I'm a retired mechanical engineer/manufacturer's rep. My principal retirement activities are photography, woodworking and travel in the motorhome. We do enjoy exploring back roads in our Dekota 4x4. If you ever see us on the road honk and say Hi. There's a large US flag and a USMC emblem on the back of our coach. Semper Fi Chet
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