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  1. Cost notwithstanding, Goodyear vs. Michelin ... what is the "preferred" choice, if there is one? Any feedback would be appreciated. Kym
  2. Tom & Louise, Jack, Wayne and Bill: Thank you SO much for your feedback. I am, indeed, going to and "have" taken ya'lls advice since it was "unanimous!" Last week the coach was wet sanded, compounded and waxed ( I accused them of having it painted) the wheel hubs were acid washed and now look like mirrors, interior completely detailed. The decorator came yesterday and did things to the inside that only a person wearing that kind of scarf would do!!! It truly is amazing the transformation this coach has taken. I'm off to the Cummins facility to have the engine and generator serviced. One last question: Tires: Michelin or Goodyear. I am leaning towards the Michelin even the cost is more. Again, thank you Tom, Louise, Jack, Wayne and Bill. I would like to send all of you to dinner, so if you get a chance, my email is kymfontana@aol.com. Kym Fontana
  3. I currently own a 2000 American Tradition that has had very little maintenance issues over the years and has been an excellent coach, nevertheless is now a ten-year old coach. I am considering "upgrading" to a newer coach and have been informed about a 2008 Eagle with less than 10,000 miles, a 2006 Foretravel and even contemplated a trip to the Newell factory in Oklahoma. I realize these are three separate and distinct platforms but would welcome the forum's "feedback" regarding the above-referenced coaches. Thank you. Kym
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