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  1. Hey Koliver! You forgot to mention my two new starters!!!! Thanks again. D
  2. Hi Gang! Thanks for the replies and advice. Not sure I understand some of it, but thanks anyway. r.e., the battery charger, when stopped at CG, I plug the battery charger into shore power so, I assume, that it is constantly keeping the batteries charged. My mechanic said, truthfully I hope, that as I drive down the road the batteries are charging. It does read at a constant 14 number on the gauge. Thanks again. Dave
  3. Hi Gang! I have a 1987 Holiday Rambler Imperial, 40 foot diesel pusher. Last November I had an issue with starting, i.e., turn the key and nothing. It would eventually start but continued to get worse. It was diagnosed as a bad starter so the starter was replaced and worked fine for awhile. In March came out of a restaurant about 10:30PM, and would not start. AAA et al folks came and got it started. Next day, no start, again. And again some kind folks to the rescue and started so went to the shop of the folks who came to our rescue at the restaurant. Cleaned the battery cables and solenoids, thought it needed new ones, but could not get any. Everything fine (again). Unfortunately he cleaned the coach batteries and not the chassis. Got stuck at a rest stop and once again a trucker came to our rescue. Got to the campground and went to another establishment. After spending the day there, NEW batteries et al we were about to start up again, and you guessed it. So we spent the night and another starter was installed. I am now into this for about $2200. Got back to MA and was going to have my mechanic check it all out, but could not get it started because the brand new chassis batteries were dead. Mechanic got it started, brought it to his garage and diagnosed the problem as a bad alternator. Of course one could not be found to fit our classic, vintage bus and he put the old one back in as he was going to have to rebuild it and we had to leave on a trip. There was a battery charger in the battery compartment left from the previous owner (I think now I know why). Between the highway driving and the battery charger we have been OK for about two weeks, but have about two weeks to go on our trip before retuning to MA to have the alternator rebuilt (I think). I know this is rather lengthy, but has anyone else had a similar problem, and do you think it is indeed the alternator or something else that should be checked first? Thanks, "Coach Dave"
  4. Thanks for the input. We travel around the country to running and triathlon events as vendors at expos for said events. We were in Akron, OH last week and will be in Milwaukee this weekend for the Lakefront Marathon expo on Friday and Saturday. Then off to Albany, NY for next weekend. Home is really where we park it!! "Coach Dave"
  5. Hi Gang! I have a Cass A and tow a 12-foot cargo trailer, for a total of 56 feet. I have a route mapped up to Milwaukee, which includes route 30 west, route 31 north in Illinois, and then route 43 in Wisconsin. Just wondering if anyone has driven these routes and if I would have any problems with my 56-foot length. Thanks. "Coach Dave"
  6. Hi Gang! Just about every topic has to do with satellite TV. Would like to know if anyone watches TV the old fashioned way and what kind of antenna or set up is best. Been there and done that with the satellite and can find just about all the TV we need on the regular networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW and, being older than dirt enjoy Retro TV). Thanks. "Coach Dave"
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