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  1. Thanks to all of you for the very helpful information. We have decided to wait until next year to purchase a new vehicle. We are continuing researching the best toad and love this forum. It is great to get so much information. Thanks again. Jim
  2. Thanks Don for the helpful information. It is good news that Ford has corrected the transmission problems with the Escape. That makes us feel better about the Explorer. We have not really considered the Flex, but we are going to look at it. One of the features we really like in the Explorer was the 3rd row seating and the room when all the seats are down. So we will be taking a closer look at the Flex before we make our decision. Thanks again, this helps us feel more comfortable with purchasing a Ford. Jim
  3. We are considering purchasing a 2011 Ford Explorer and are wondering how folks like it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  4. Thanks for the information. Ford just called us back after they had checked with Detroit and the Explorer does not accumulate miles while being flat towed. That is great news. We are concerned after reading on this site the trouble folks are having with the transmission burning up on the Ford Escapes if Explorers could have the same issue. Has anyone had trouble with the Explorer's transmission after flat towing it?
  5. We are considering purchasing a 2011 Explorer XLT and we were told by Ford that the car and any towable Ford car will accumulate mileage while being flat towed. Anyone out there have one and is this true? We are concerned about our warranty miles being used up without actually driving the car. We have being reading about the transmission issues on the Escape, are folks having issues with the new Explorer while being towed? Do GMC, Chevy and Jeep new towable vehicles accumulate miles while being flat towed? Thanks, Jim
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