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  1. I stumbled upon an awesome new site today for movable property on the web. I had just done a google search for movable property. Anyhow, they have really good articles on the ins and outs of owning vehicles, airplanes, etc. They also have an excellent forum starting up. I signed up even. Just wanted to share the info with everybody...http://www.movableproperty.net
  2. Many states also have a notarized section on the title for a lien holder to sign off for the lien release. Check the AZ title to see if that option is available to you. If not, you MUST have an original letter from the lien holder stating the lien is paid. Nearly every DMV in the country now requires an ORIGINAL letter for lien release. A copy will not suffice nor an email. Before handing over that check I would have both the singed off title and the lien letter in hand.
  3. I'd recommend Twin Peaks RV Insurance. 800-507-8467 They've been great for us. Are you thinking about registering the RV in an LLC? You might want to consider it. We have ours in Montana and used Deer Creek to handle all the paperwork for us.
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