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  1. You're right Chuck, there are a lot of variables to consider... and I am trying to narrow down the selection pool to either a Beaver or a CC but his thoughts about Monaco did make me think twice. The one sad thing about these brands are that none of them have survived - so now what does someone do with one? I'm looking at a '98 Beaver with an interior that looks quite nice and seems to have been taken care of. I'm just afraid of having something no one wants to work on because it isn't "theirs." My '95 Airstream is quite a unique unit and I am happy with her as she is.... but I don't see her having enough room for us as my 2 year old daughter gets older.
  2. Well, I was just emailed and that person stated that a 2003 Monaco Dynasty is TWICE THE RIG that his '05 Country Coach was or a Beaver.... is that what others think as well?
  3. I currently have a 1995 Airstream Classic Pusher 36 and am looking to sell it and buy something newer... I started looking and have found out that BEAVER is a good one to consider. I understand that Monaco bought them years ago, screwed it up, and then went out of business.... but that if I can find one that is a 2002 or older it would be one to consider! I am not sure what the story is with Country Camper other than they had some issue a few years ago and were bought back by the founder/investor? and are now struggling to make a comeback. So, does anyone have personal experience with either? Was one considered better than the other? Were there model years that were stellar and should be sought after? Also, are tag axles something to consider? Thanks in advance for whatever responses I might get!
  4. Okay, this is my first post so I hope I'm doing it right... I recently purchased a 1995 Airstream Classic Pusher 36' (with 203,000 miles!) which sits on a Spartan chassis (solid axles w/ leaf springs) and have the typical problem of sway on uneven roads... what can/should I do? It's in the shop right now getting new Bilstein shocks and bushings on the rear axle! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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