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  1. We have a bra that was on our 2005 American Tradition, we don't like bras, we like our Lexan shield better, our bra is in great shape and we will sell it for $50 if interested.
  2. We have Weldex sytem, where would you find a fuse for it?
  3. Does anyone have any idea why the back-up camera on our motorhome is not working? Do they have fuses? Ours was working, but not now.
  4. I agree most motorhomes are too dark inside and out, we used to have a 1998 American Dream and it had bleached oak cabinets which made the coach feel real big. We now have a 2005 American Tradition with cherry wood cabinets. I still liked my bleached oak a lot better. They should have women design motorhome interiors, I think we would get a better selection of colors. Light colors definitly open up a coach.
  5. We will be heading to Florida the beginning of December, we would like to have marble flooring put in, and some ceiling lighting, possible new household fridge, we will be in Fort Myers. Does anyone have any suggestions where to go. We have 2005 American Tradition.
  6. We are heading to Florida this winter for the first time, we will be staying at Gulf Waters RV Resort in Fort Myers. Just wondering if anyone has ever been there, would love to here about this place.
  7. I am looking for silver acrylic awning material from Carefree, also Pewter arms for window awning.
  8. We have a 2005 American Tradition which we just purchased. Don't know where the electric switch is for the hot water heater, Can anyone help.
  9. We have a 2005 American Tradition which we just purchased in Texas, by time we got home we noticed the windows were quite foggy. Has anyone else seen this and does anyone have any solutions for this problem.
  10. One of the best coaches around are American Coach, we have a 1998 American Dream no slides for sale. denise

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