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  1. Last week GM released its revised flat towing procedure for the 2010-2017 Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain. That brought questions from some of you. Below are GM’s responses. People who own a 2010 Equinox should pay particular attention to question #5. When using the new flat towing procedure, will the odometer accumulate mileage? No, the odometer will not accumulate. 2. Why is it not possible to flat tow the 2018 Terrain? Isn’t it the same as the Equinox? The electronic transmission shift control in the 2018 Terrain precludes dinghy towing at this time. We are exploring methods that will potentially allow dinghy towing in the future. 3. I wonder if removal of the ABS fuse (fuse 16) is a safety issue since many dinghy auxiliary braking systems will activate the ABS system on the dinghy when required in panic conditions. The removal of the ABS fuse is to disable the active return feature of the electric power steering to allow the wheels to steer more freely during tight turns at low speed. Auxiliary brake controllers should be set up to provide appropriate braking force for the given conditions and not rely on ABS, just like any other trailer. Most trailers do not have ABS. 4. Some of us have been towing the Equinox without pulling any fuses. What, if any, problems might this pose? There will potentially be too much steering resistance or centering causing tires to scrub around low speed tight turns. See question 3. 5. Step 2 in the GM service bulletin says to remove fuse 16, the Antilock Brake System Module fuse from the engine compartment fuse block. However, my 2010 Equinox owner’s manual shows fuse 15 as the Antilock Brake System Module fuse. – Steve Gaines. We are correcting this error in the service bulletin. Thank you for the feedback. Fuse 15 is indeed the ABS module fuse, which is the one to remove for 2010 Equinox. This was changed to fuse 16 for the 2011-2017 Equinox. Also, I have heard from one owner of a 2013 Equinox who said the wobble occurred while they were following the revised flat towing procedure. I have forwarded that information to GM. As updates become available, I’ll keep you all informed. -- John Johnston, Associate Editor, Family Motor Coaching.
  2. FMCA was notified November 1 that GM engineers have developed a revised flat towing procedure for 2010 through 2017 Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain vehicles equipped with 4-cylinder engines. GM developed the new procedure to eliminate the wobble that sometimes occurs when flat towing these vehicles behind a motorhome. GM officials said a service bulletin has been distributed to GM dealerships advising them of the revised towing procedure. The service bulletin says this about the wobble, or instability: “This condition may be caused by fuse 32 being removed from the instrument panel fuse block as outlined in the owners manual.” In the revised procedure, it is no longer necessary to remove fuse 32. However, fuse 16 must be removed. Engineers determined that these changes should keep the vehicle’s electric power steering activated during flat towing. Another important aspect of the revised procedure: An auxiliary battery charger must be installed to prevent the battery in the Equinox/Terrain from losing its charge while the vehicle is being towed. Please read closely the attached service bulletin, which details the complete revised flat towing procedure for 2010 to 2017 Equinox/Terrain. As for the 2018 Equinox: GM officials say that because its electrical architecture is different, it is not necessary to pull any fuses. However, just as with 2010-2017 models, a charger will be necessary to keep the towed vehicle’s battery charged. The current owners manual for the 2018 Equinox will be revised to reflect the need for a charger, GM officials said. The 2018 GMC Terrain is not flat towable. In July, Larry Milhalko, GM’s crossover vehicle performance manager, told FMCA that the first step in developing a fix was to replicate the wobble during testing. He said this week that although testing encompassed a variety of conditions and scenarios, engineers were unable to replicate the wobble. Nevertheless, he said, “we’re pretty confident” that the revised towing procedure will solve the wobble problem. “We think we have a good solution.” FMCA will continue to follow this issue. If Equinox/Terrain owners experience the wobble when using the revised flat towing procedure, contact John Johnston at jjohnston@fmca.com. Equinox Terrain revised flat towing.docx
  3. Has anyone been successful finding an extended warranty/service for 2004 Travel Supreme with 118,000 miles?
  4. I'll ask a few questions since it is on my list also. The main question is storage bins being hung below the slide outs. Is there really enough storage with those compared to the pass throughs on other coaches if you are full time? Also, is the basement air a problem and do you need roof air to make it cool in hot climates?
  5. IT makes me nervous to buy a used MH that is too old for a Extended service contract. So many thing that are really expensive to repair that would bust my retirement budget.
  6. This is a 2006 Alfa See Yas Founder Edition. The RV Products basement a/c two stage unit has no power at circuit 2. The breaker is not tripped and there is power coming out of the breaker. Does anyone know if there is a junction box where the wiring from the a/c unit meets the wiring from the breaker panel.
  7. You said you just got it out of the shop. I would have a talk with the shop!
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