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  1. Just got my magna shade front windshield cover and it is fantastic, went up very easily and I had the U.S. Flag and Eagle imprinted on it and the appearance is fantastic, Roger is a wonderful person to work with, I will be posting a picture on the magna shade page soon. noticed right away a difference in temperature and privacy
  2. Used Bar keepers friend and the sinks look great. Thanks Chef Bill
  3. Sorry about that, Its Corian. Thanks Chef Bill
  4. I have a new 2010 Fleetwood Discovery and the kitchen sink is discolored, any solutions? I tried oxi cleaner.
  5. Thank you for the information, currently the service supervisor is out of the office for a week, so I have contacted the Sales mgr to try and get some motivation going, generally he is very accommodating, although we have had our rig in at least 8 times in the past year for repairs. We seem to get the answer from other FMCA members that it is normal to get the bugs out in the first year, we plan on going full time in one year when I retire.
  6. I have a 2010 Discovery with 3600 miles on it. I was just told that both of the Batteries failed and must be replaced, needless to say I am two months out of warranty. Is it normal for this to happen, The dealer reviewed the situation over the past 4 months and said it was a Cummins problem, now they find out it is the batteries. Note, I have had to use the Auxiliary start switch for the past 4 months to start the 350 Cummins.
  7. I have a new 2010 Fleetwood Discovery with a 350 Cummins, when I start it and go to put it in gear it stalls for at least the first 4 times, am I not letting it idle long enough?
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