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  1. What is everyone using to clean and polish their aluminum wheels?
  2. Getting ready to change out Goodyears for 6 Michelins on an 06' Endeavor. I am pleased with the FMCA price. I was considering putting on GY 670's but can get Michelins for cheaper.
  3. I have an 06 H/R Endeavor 40pdq, with a system heat in the water bay(fresh, black and gray) . My question is: it is not working and I am looking for a replacement, any suggestions?
  4. I have a related issue, 06 H/R Endeavor, 5 button thermostat, when trying to run the front furnace it doesn't show on the thermostat. The back one shows up as you are scrolling through the menu. Would it be a bad connection the reason it is not showing on the thermostat?
  5. This post was helpful, I am presently installing a Samsung 197 in my H.R. 40pdq Endeavor. Can't wait to have cold milk and frozen ice cream.
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