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  1. Just got the Biobor, will put enough for 90 gallons - 60 already in tank and adding 30 to top off and then take it down the road. I have extra fuel/water and fuel filters. After driving several miles I will check the fuel/water filter for algae and change as needed. I appreciate all your help and if you have any further ideas please let me know.
  2. There is @70 gallons fuel in tank, should I attempt to remove fuel before adding Biobor? After adding Biobor any idea how long I should wait until driving, and how often should I change filters to ensure algae is gone. Currently, I can see algae in fuel/water filter but no water. Should I drive to mix up fuel with Biobor or should I start RV and let it idle for a period of time.
  3. 2001, Itasca Horizon, diesel pusher. I am loosing power and transmission gears down. I changed both filters, fuel/water and fuel. I filled my tank and added product Sta-Bil for algae. However, when I check the fuel/water filter I still see black algae. Do I need to drain all fuel, change two filters and then add an algae elimination product or is there a product that will kill and dissolve algae so it would be removed when all fuel is consumed. Can I add another type of algae killer to the Sta-Bil that is currently in my fuel tank, since March 2019. Do you think I need professional help or is this a problem I can take care of?
  4. Located pump on top of engine and pumped until it was firm, and the engine "cranked". Thank you all for your assistance.
  5. Will try the on position. Engine will try to turn over, but doesn't. Will look for bulb around fuel filter, water/fuel has no bulb. Put fuel in both filters. Engine tries to crank but will not. Will look for pump for fuel.
  6. Have a 2001 Itasca Horizon, diesel pusher, CAT 330, 3126B engine. Changed the fuel filter and fuel/water separator filter and now it will not crank. Any help would be appreciated. KLParker
  7. With engine running the slide works fine - tried it 3 days in a row with no problem. Thanks to everybody for your input. Have a new concern now, have a 330 caterpillar diesel, engine wants to keep running when I turn ignition switch off. Any idea what is happening. Thanks
  8. The leveling/room extension system is an HWH 310 series and instructions state that ignition should be on accessories. However, we will certainly try it with engine on.
  9. It is HWH hydraulic, slides and jacks. It is an Itasca Horizon, 2001. We usually just turn the key to acc, when extending or retracting slides.
  10. 2001 Itasca, two slides. The large slide will not always retract, and once the bedroom would not. I usually have to use the retract button several times to get it to retract. I can hear it trying to retract but I don't hold it a long time. When you store your motorhome for a period of time, should slides be extended or retracted? KL Parker
  11. There is power coming in and out. The power will not disperse to the electrical outlets, or microwave unless you change the remote to invert. Even with generator no power is coming to outlets etc. The remote board does not recognize shore power or generator power.
  12. One unit; will check further for the fuse inside unit.
  13. Face of inverter has two fuses, 30 input, and 20 inv/chg; both are working. Tested power to ac input and power is getting to converter.
  14. Have 2001 Itasca Horizon, with Freedom 15 Inverter/Charger. When connected to 50amp shore power only the fridge and AC works. No electrical outlets. Turn inverter on via xantrex Freedom basic remote and outlets run. The remote does not indicate AC in when it is and does not appear to be charging batteries. Have checked/tested breakers and they are OK. Have unplugged positive cable from batteries to reset inverter, have unplugged telephone line from remote and reconnected and remote still does not recognize shore power or power from generator. In addition have installed new batteries and remote indicates battery amp is running down and not recharging. Help appreciated.
  15. Connected to 50 amp when this occurs. The hot water heater is off and it still flips breaker.
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