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  1. Control panel for 97 Monaco Sig 40. This is the panel with all the light switches the emergency brake and 6 speed shift control. L side of drivers seat. I had a few made and no longer need. My mobil number is 772 285 3568 if interested.
  2. Having trouble at times starting. Sometimes goes right off and other times click click them off it goes. I am thinking solenoid but notice the whole starter needs to be removed. Can the solenoid be repaired or does it need a new one? 1997 Monaco with Cummins M11 450 Engine serial # 34848467
  3. Well hi to the folks who replied to my post about the panel. I am so sorry to say that I never revisited this blog since 2011. If anyone is interested though I have several of the panels left over and would like to sell some. I had extras made at the time. Control panel for 97 Monaco Sig 40. This is the panel with all the light switches the emergency brake and 6 speed shift control. Let me know if interested since these are not available from Monaco. I would be happy to check sizes and measurements to assure it is a fit for your coach.
  4. 2011 Cadillac SRX Anyone out there who has towed this vehicle with 2 wheel or all wheel drive? The manual states OK either way. It would be very helpful as I am considering buying one.
  5. Hi Tony It is indeed a great time for all FMCA members who can now enjoy a great discount and get the best tires, in my humble opinion. It has been almost a year since you and I had our first conversation about fleet pricing for FMCA Members. Thank you for all you did to make this happen. As you know it took a lot more than expected. And also thanks for providing me with the first tires on the program which are perfect. I certainly hope that this works out for you and your company in the future. I for one recommend to anyone interested, they contact you for tire needs and all chassis and engine repair as well at your wonderful well equipped shop. You have earned it. Turbo truck Center Gainesville GA 678 450 7800 With warmest personal regards. Thank you Bob Johnston RVing for 36 years and a member since around 1984
  6. I have an Acura TL and I can lock the doors from the passenger side with the key in or with a second key from that side. Good luck.
  7. Hi, all. I have a 1997 Monaco Signature 40 with M11 450. Is there any help out there on replacing my driver's-side electrical panel where the transmission control and all switches reside? I have contacted Actia, who before a name change built the panel. Their records are thin going back. Now that Monaco is diminished, that makes it harder yet. If I had the correct model number, Actia, formerly Advanced Technology Inc., could make one. With fading, it looks like "MP 8837" could be correct. There is a local plastics place tht may be able to re-create this if I remove .... Frankly, this may be too difficult for me to attempt. For one thing, I am color blind, so the wires are a challenge. Has anyone run into this before? Bob Johnston, F54543 FMCA member since 1983 and RVing since '75
  8. Surely all reasonable people understand that we assume the risk in these situations. We do. "You park a rest stops, camp grounds and Walmart and other retail outllets at your own risk". Bob
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