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  1. GySgt USMC Ret, 17 yrs primary 6075 Cryogenics, 2d Small Arms Marksmanship Instrustor, 3d 0431 Embarkation. 1974-1991. Parris Island/Camp Lejeune (force Recon), Okinawa (3d Recon Bn, Camp Onna Point 1976/77), Naval Air Station (memphis/millington), Naval shipyard (Portsmouth, Va.), Cherry Point, Yuma, Iwakuni Japan, Kaneoe Bay, HI, MCAS El Toro, CA, Iwakuni japan, Kaneoe Bay, HI, Yuma, AZ. Retired 1991. Prior to that US Army 1969 thru 1972, 82 ABN Div, Bragg, Vietnam 70/71 173 ABN Brigade 11B, Ft Campbell 71/72 101st ABN Div. Discharged 1972. Been there done that. Riding a Beaver Patriot coach, Cat 330/3126, toad honda crv beautiful lady liz and dog named duchess. Headed west from myrtle beach, SC to yuma, AZ tomorrow with plenty of stops along the way, no hurry.
  2. We are planning a trip in late Nov to Az from Pawleys Island, SC. I will be planning to use military campgrounds whenever avail. I will be traveling down I-95 S to I-20 through Columbia west. 1st stop will be Ft Gordon, GA. Continue on I-20 to I-85 where we plan on staying at Maxwell, AFB. Next Shelby training site south of I-20. Continue on to New Orleans NAS then to Ft Sam Houston, TX. Continue on west and dry camp for a night somewhere between Ft Sam and Ft Bliss, TX our next stop. Dry camp next night somewhere between El Paso and Apache Flats (FT Huachaka) where we will stay for a few days as I hear they have a real nice park. I want to play golf there and pay my respects to my deceased dad who's ashes were scattered on par 3 13th or 14th hole. Do some horseback riding and visit some of local attractions. From there we will head west to Yuma, staying at Davis Monathon, AFB enroute. While in Yuma we will stay at Martinez Lake and then to Yuma Proving Grounds. I know Yuma is crowded this time of the year as I lived there for a number of years on active duty USMC and retired there in 1991. We will be in Yuma for a week or so then head north to FT Tuthill Luke AFB. Leave there and dry camp someplace between Luke and Grandon, AZ our next stop. Grandon must be a public campground. Next stop, Kirtland, AFB S of I-40, NM. Dry camp someplace between Kirtland AFB and Amarillo, TX, our next stop. Any recommendations on park in Amarillo would be appreciated. Heading east and dry camp someplace between Amarillo and Tinker AFB, OK our next stop. Continue east and dry camp someplace between Tinker and FT Chaffee ARK. Next stop Little Rock then Navy Lake I think thats in Millington, TN, what used to be or maybe still is NAS, Memphis. I was there for a couple weeks in 1977 on active duty and have some fond memories. We will leave there heading east and spend couple nights dry camping at Walmart or someplace until we arrive in Clarksville, TN where we will pickup my mom from my sisters home. We will leave there heading east and spend night in Cookeville or Crossville, TN., then to Ashville, Charlotte and home. Long trip but looking forward to it. Any recommendations or advice on this trip will be gladly received.
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