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  1. Well, our situation WAS different. We wanted one for a year with a quick turnaround after the 6 month trip that was planned. Now things have changed and we hope to hold onto it longer. We made a decision and got a good price on a private owner sale on a Winnebago Adventurer.
  2. Thank you very much....we were on the generator power and it wouldn't turn on. This is a 2005 Adventurer. I'm sure the TV's work but nobody knows how. Any other thoughts are appreciated before we have the final drive and take over on Tuesday when we exchange funds.
  3. I negotiated a deal on an Adventurer today and the bad part is that the owner died. I have nobody to teach me how things work on it. What would be my best way to start? Never could get the TVs to turn on. Tried auxiliary power, gen was running, A/C on, other appliances work. Where to begin? The manual was used, to no avail. I seriously doubt if both TVs are inoperable on this modern, low-mileage unit.
  4. Thank you for that reply. You are the only one who knew that much. The salesman says it's a tiny bit better on gas mileage than the newer ones. I don't always believe salesmen. Do you agree?
  5. Tom Butler, you must be a writer. Beautifully stated and some well taken points for sure. Whatever we spend on a motorhome is a dream and a bit of a stretch. We are near retirement and working hard to prepare for retirement. It's all scarey but a lifetime dream as well.
  6. Gary, help me understand why a 2004 Newmar gas is a better deal than a 2005 Winnie gas at the same price? I really don't get it.
  7. OK, I'm just a girl but I am looking at a motorhome with this GM454 in it, a 2002 Winnebago. How does that engine differ from the newer 8.1 Workhorse engines that are on the newer models? I don't need a lot of detail because I wouldn't understand it. Is it a dinosaur? Will it pull the MH and tow vehicle? Only has 18,000 on it.
  8. All excellent points and the Shields hit it on the head. One thing I'll take exception with is 30% depreciation. A newer car will depreciate more in the beginning and slows in it's later years. Wouldn't this be the same with a motorhome?
  9. We have narrowed our motorhome search down to two Winnebagos. We hope to keep it a few years and try to sell it and recover some of our money at that time. Which one would be the best for resale in ... three years, for example? How do you come up with the estimates? 2005 Winnebago Adventure with every option available. $60K range 2002 Winnebago Brave 32 with several options. $30K range Both are extremely low mileage. Any thoughts?
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