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  1. After 13,000 miles, 38 states and nearly 5 months of travel, we have one wish: To find families who do the same thing as we are doing. There is a great shortage of kids in motor homes that travel with their families on around-the-country trips. The "Class A" motor home parks sometimes cater to kids (at least somewhat) but even the local chapters of FMCA do not have kids. If anyone knows of a local chapter specifically for families with kids, we'd like to know. Even if you search the blogs for the word "children" you come up empty. It has been the greatest way to teach geography, history and even American Literature by traveling and visiting state and national parks, and homes like that of Jefferson Davis, in the south, to Lincoln, and many more. We do home school, and this has been the greatest year. Some of our "graduates" will be visiting us over the holidays and joining us as we travel from Selma to Birmingham; walking part of the route. Join us here on this blog for more Kids on the Road. Lou & Sue Harper
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