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    Enjoy traveling round europe in my Winne
  1. Hi Ray, We where in Orlando in May this year and we checked out hiring a RV for 3 months and it was going to cost about $30k so it's out of the question. We could buy a good used Winne for 60k but have trouble with ins as not having a US address. That's why I was thinking of a swap. Paul
  2. We are at camping La Manga a 1600 plot RV site
  3. We are coming to America winter 2014 and are looking for a RV ideally to borrow. We have a Winnebago Rialta, we live in Worcester UK and anybody thinking of touring the UK, maybe do a swap. Paul
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    Nice Girl

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    RVing Europe

    Hi Jan Might pay you to fly into Holland and come to the UK after then pick a cruise up back to the states any info you need PM me Paul
  6. Hayseed Dixie a US band we seen at a Country music festival in the Uk the lead singer came on stage with a crate (24 bottles) of Newkie Brown they drank the lot on stage and said its the best thing made in england you heard of the band, l will proberly buy a RV in the states and park it up near a airport when l fly back just checking my licence out see how big a rig l can buy Paul
  7. I live in the UK and am thinking of planning a trip over the pond to the states. Any other members in the UK fancy tagging along? Also would like some info from the states for good areas to look at in Feb, may buy a RV and keep it over there to travel in Paul
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