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  1. Thanks Bill I think I am going to stay with Direct TV. I know that works. Don
  2. I have a 07 Monaco Diplomat with a King-Dome 9702 Satellite System. I have been on Direct TV for over 2 years and find it to be satisfactoty. Today a Dish Network guy came by and we started to discuss changing from Direct to Dish. The offers, free HD for life and ohter items made me think hard about making the change. I told him that unless my King-Dome 9702 would recieve Dish chanels I wouldn't make the change. So, in simple terms, will my 9702 get dish? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long story Don Croner 07 Monaco diplomat 40pdq
  3. Don Croner USAF 29 years 9 months 14 days Chief Master Sergeant (E9) Missile Maintenance, ICBM, Ground Launched Cruise Missiles and Space Launch Vehicles My misslie maintenance career field kept me in the USA for most of my career execpt for 9 years in Europe installing the GLCM in NATO.
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